Wi-Fi drops or slows while using my Classcloud. How do I resolve this?

    Wifi usually drops/works slow due to 2 reasons : 
    • Power is fluctuating 
    • Interference caused by other devices 
    Solutions  : 
    • For power
      • Make sure the plug is properly powered and tightly coupled .Try it with different plug point  on other boards.
    •  For interference : 
      1. Disconnect all the devices connected to the Classcloud (Box).
      2. Connect one device and go to admin.zaya.in (while you are still connected to Classcloud) (username -admin, password -admin ) 
      3. Go to advance tab. 
      4. Go to wifi settings.
      5. Select a different channel from the dropdown (1, 6, 11 are the common channel numbers to be used and next channel should be between this) 
      6. Save the settings.
      7. Wifi will restart. 
      8. Try connecting more devices now. 
      9. If it still drops repeat steps 1-8.