I have a smartclass/projector, will the ClassCloud work with this?

    The ClassCloud creates a WiFi signal as well as has an HDMI capability. This means that you can connect any device like TV or SmartClass to the ClassCloud as long as it has either Wireless/HDMI.  

    However it is important to note that the ClassCloud and Zaya’s Personalized Learning Platform are student driven learning tools, intended to deliver learning at a personal or 1:1 level.


    In order to use your smartclass/projector and conduct a one to many classroom model, we have another project that could cater to your needs - School Wifi.




    For best use and results from our education tool, a lab-based model or station rotation model to deliver personalized learning through our platform is the best way to achieve improved learning outcomes with your students, where each student has access to his/her own device (tablet/PC) during a session.