How much does each product cost?

    Cost Components

    1. Hardware and Software
      • Zaya Lite costs Rs.40,000 ($600 USD)
      • ClassCloud Online starts at Rs. 45,000 ($675 USD)
      • ClassCloud Premium starts at Rs.80,000 ($1200 USD)
    2. Content options, to add to your ClassCloud
      • Math, Science grades 1-5 Indian NCERT aligned with video lessons and assessments at Rs. 35,000 ($525)
      • Skill-based English language learning program for new learners, with 6 levels ranging from beginner to advanced reading levels at Rs.15,000/level ($225)
      • You can choose from free content options like KA Lite
    3. Implementation and training services starts at Rs. 5000/day (in-person in India only). For international customers we provide hands on training online via video-calls. Excludes cost of travel and boarding if applicable.
    4. Annual maintenance and repair on ClassCloud at Rs. 10,000/year 

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