What are the features available on ClassCloud?


    It is a personalized learning platform (software) with full cloud functionality on the ClassCloud Hardware

    This is useful to schools and after-school centers in cases where:-

    a.You want to bring down your setup and infrastructure costs and want the full set of features delivered by ClassCloud to support offline learning

    b.You want to provide your students access to learning resources and remedial or advanced learning content in remote locations, with limited connectivity.

    c.You want to scale your own learning programs to different locations using the ClassCloud.



    1. ClassCloud Hardware to access the Personalized Learning Platform (software) offline i.e. without internet
    2. Personalized Learning Platform (software) with full cloud functionality
      • Teacher, student and admin apps - Access to student, teacher and admin tools including the Learn, Teach, Curello and Admin apps from Zaya. While 'Learn' and 'Teach' apps allow students and teachers to access lessons, quizzes and lesson plans, Curello and Admin apps allow educators to create and manage students, classes and content on the platform. You will be oriented and trained by Zaya's implementation team to understand and use these tools.
      • Data and content back-up on the cloud to access from anywhere via the internet.
      • Comprehensive analytics on student performance and assessments.
    3. Ability to subscribe for paid content options from Zaya
      • Math and Science curriculum including videos and assessments for grades 1-5.
      • Skill based English Language Learning Program with bilingual support (Hindi-to-English) mapped to student reading levels.
    4. Ability to access free-content options from Zaya Partners using Curello
      • KA Lite, Magic Pathshala, Pratham Books, Storyweaver and more
    5. Access to Zaya’s Curello tool that allows you to curate and create courses, practice tests and quizzes of your own on our platform. This is perfect for educators that have created or have access to digital content and want to create learning courses for their students online and track learning through tests and assessments.  

    Beyond the product and all its features, Zaya is also committed to empowering schools with the tools and training to implement blended learning in classrooms. We offer a host of training and implementation services, including -

    1. In-person training and orientation
    2. Phone and email support (technical and non-technical)
    3. Self-paced/do-it-yourself training
    4. Helpdesk app for teachers and admin
    5. Teacher incentives.. And more!

    If you want more info please connect with us at @info@zaya.in