How to connect the Classcloud to Internet?

    To perform a data sync or content sync on the Class Cloud it needs to be connected to the internet. To give Internet connection to the Classcloud, you need to connect the LAN cable from the router to the Classcloud LAN port.                


    • LAN port is present on the rear side of the Classcloud. A picture follows-^    
    • After connecting LAN Cable to the Classcloud you will see the green light blinking on the LAN port



    • Connect to the Classcloud
    • Open your browser on the wireless device connected to the wifi of the Classcloud box.
    • Verify once that you are connected to the right WiFi.
    • Open the website
    • If the websites are loading it means your Classcloud is connected to the internet.
    • Now Classcloud is ready for a Data Sync and Content Sync.

    If you are still facing any issues please connect with our customer support team at