What is the range of the ClassCloud?

    The range of the ClassCloud ~ 50 meters. This is also subject to several factors

    • How many walls are present between the ClassCloud and the device you are trying to connect
    • Material of the walls -
      •  Having a steel beams reduces the signal strength of the Wireless. This is not specific to ClassCloud but happens with any Wireless signal.
    • Type of Wireless device you are using to connect to the ClassCloud.
      • Tablets,iPads and Phones have weaker WiFi antennas in build in them. This means that the further you go from the ClassCloud, the ability for these devices to get a strong WiFi signal to stream video will go down
      • Laptops, Chromebooks: These devices have a stronger WiFi antenna built into them. This means that it can receive and transmit data better than devices like Tablets and phones.  Hence if you are standing at the same distance from the ClassCloud, you will find that the Laptop provides a better user experience compared to a tablet. 
      • External Dongles:  These are USB based adapters that can be added to a desktop, laptop etc to increase the WiFi capacity of these devices.  External dongles can provide better user experience compared to inbuilt WiFi
    • Wireless Frequency : 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz
      • The ClassCloud can transmit on both frequency. This makes it specially attractive for newer devices that are coming in the market.  
      • When all your devices are operating at 5 GHz, the range can be higher than 50 mts because the signal strength is stronger 
      • When all or even one of your devices are operating at 2.4 GHz, this will downgrade the ClassCloud to use 2.4 Ghz to send data. This means that your range will effectively drop.  Read "How to find out the frequency of my device"


    The figure below shows you the difference Wireless Standards and their relative range.