What are the prerequisites for me to buy a ClassCloud?

    All ClassCloud products i.e. Zaya Lite, ClassCloud Online and ClassCloud Premium, will require -

    1. Access to electricity to power the ClassCloud hardware and charge devices (tablets, personal computers) being used in the classroom
    2. A minimum of 20 tablets or WiFi enabled devices such as personal computers or laptops for 200 students
    3. At least one program facilitator to train/educate for implementation of solution

    Additionally, each product has a requirement of its own -

    1. Zaya Lite will require access to digital content as the ClassCloud hardware comes with no pre-loaded content. This may be licensed or open-source content available from multiple providers from YouTube to official text books from different state brands. You may even choose to subscribe for content from Zaya.
    2. ClassCloud Online will require access to internet broadband

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