What are the features available in Zaya Lite?

    Zaya Lite

    Personalized learning platform (software) without pre-loaded content and no cloud back-up available on the ClassCloud Hardware which you can buy at just Rs. 40,000 ($600), one time cost.

    How is this useful?

    This is useful to schools and after-school centers in cases where -

    1. You have just one standalone school/learning lab and wish to curate content for your students or create personalized plans with your own content.
    2. Teachers who prefer adding their own content and assessments for their students.
    3. Schools with no or poor internet infrastructure but access to digital resources. Teachers can use our powerful assessment delivery feature to track learning outcomes on those resources by adding it to the platform and coupling the content with quizzes.

    What you get?

    1. ClassCloud hardware providing the local access to software loaded on the classcloud. This means that your data stored on the classcloud (this could be student data or content) is not going to be backed-up on the cloud. This means to use anything on the ClassCloud, you have to be next to the box (~100m range)
    2. Personalized Learning Platform (software) with no content loaded! This gives you the opportunity to add your own content and tests, but you can also subscribe to Zaya's content offerings.
    3. Access to student, teacher and admin tools including the Learn, Teach, Curello and Admin apps from Zaya. While 'Learn' and 'Teach' apps allow students and teachers to access lessons, quizzes and lesson plans, Curello and Admin apps allow educators to create and manage students, classes and content on the platform. You will be oriented and trained by Zaya's implementation team to understand and use these tools.
    4. Ability to curate( define curate once here ) and add your own learning resources and create courses, practice tests, quizzes. Take a look at an example of this here.


    If you want more information please connect with us at info@zaya.in