What does each Zaya product have?

    As you know Zaya offers three variants of the ClassCloud product - Zaya Lite, ClassCloud Online and ClassCloud Premium. Do take a look at 'What Zaya offers' to see applications and use cases.

    All three products will give you -

    1. Access to student, teacher and admin tools including the Learn, Teach, Curello and Admin apps from Zaya. While 'Learn' and 'Teach' apps allow students and teachers to access lessons, quizzes and lesson plans, Curello and Admin apps allow educators to create and manage students, classes and content on the platform. You will be oriented and trained by Zaya's implementation team to understand and use these tools.
    2. Access* to content and curriculum from Zaya and third-party providers (*some paid and some free)
    3. Ability to create your own content using Zaya's Curello tool, which is an easy app for teachers to create lessons and tests in the classroom.

    But here's what's different between them -

    1. Zaya Lite 
      • One-time purchase, perfect for local delivery of content and tests!
      • Local use only - does not allow you to access your student data or content remotely (from another location other than where the classcloud is)
    2. ClassCloud Online
      • Works online using the internet that means No ClassCloud hardware
      • All your student data and content is stored on the cloud, accessible via any device through the internet. You only have to go to your Chrome browser, go to home.zaya.in and login to access lessons, quizzes and learning content. 
    3. ClassCloud Premium
      • ClassCloud hardware 
      • Cloud back-up and Remote access capability - this means that all your content and student data is cloud backed-up allowing you to access this data anywhere (even away from the box) online

    If you need more information please connect with us at info@zaya.in