What is remote access & how to grant permission for it ?

    Remote access is an ability that you give the  Zaya support team to access your  Classcloud with in the comfort of your classroom/office.

    This can be accomplished by using a software called Teamviewer

    Method 1

       1.  Teamviewer Download Link


    Connect your  device (Laptop ) to Zaya Classcloud.

    Once the software is installed, click on the Teamviewer logo, this  will open a page with Your ID  and password (alphanumeric), you will need to share them with the  Zaya support team.


    Method 2:

    1.Connect your device (Laptop) to Classcloud, ensure that the Classcloud is connected to the internet.

    2.Enter URL:class.zaya.in/remote_login/

    You will see the below window

    3.Leave Password box blank and type 9001 on the Number box.

    4.Click on Submit button.

    5.You will see a message "Support is currently running"

    Please stand by (do not close the window) until you get  further instruction from Zaya support team

    Note: Our friendly support engineers will be available between (9:30 AM - 6:30 PM) Mon-Fri, IST.