How to connect wifi enabled devices to the Classcloud?

    To connect any wifi enabled device to the classcloud first start your classcloud. To start the classcloud please watch this video:



    You can also follow this step to step guide to connect to a classcloud:

    • Connect one end of the power adapter to the power port present on the rear side of the Classcloud.
    • Once the plug is connected to the power source, switch on the Classcloud by pressing the power button present on the Classcloud.
    • You will notice the lights (green and yellow LEDs) glowing which are situated on top of the Classcloud.
    • Wait for 4-6 minutes for Classcloud Wifi to appear on your wifi network list.
    • Check the Wifi network on your wireless device (wifi list).You will see the "Zaya-Cloud"


    • Connect your device to the Zaya Cloud wifi.
    • you will be prompted to enter the password. Password is "12345678"
    • After you are connected to the Zaya Cloud open the Google Chrome browser and type the URL to get the Zaya Homepage