How do I login as teacher?


    In the teacher app you can find lesson plans, resources, check reports and take attendance. This step by step guide will help you in logging in as a teacher on the platform:

    1. Before login as a teacher you need to make sure you have added teachers for each class.
    2. You should know the teacher login credentials. ( Password would always be teacher and usually the username is the teacher's first name)
    3. To get the username of teacher you need to login as admin and click on 'Manage Teachers' you will see the teachers present in the class. Hover your mouse cursor over the teacher's name and you will see the username for that teacher.

    • To login as teacher you need to click on 'Teacher Icon' on the Zaya homepage


    • Enter the username and password


    • Click on Teach Icon


    • You will see the list of courses assigned to that Teacher account


    If you are still facing any issues, please email us at