How do i assign my teacher to a course?

    This video above will help you in assigning teachers to the course:




    You can also follow these steps to assign a teacher to the course:

    • To assign the teacher to a course you need to login as admin on
    • To add your teacher Click on 'Manage Teachers' in the menu on top of the page.


    • Then click on 'Add More' - the top left hand blue box visible on the screen and then add your teacher's name. 
    • Screen_Shot_2017-11-17_at_4.40.28_PM.png
    • After that, Click on the Class in which the courses are mapped.
    • You will see courses mapped to this class
    • Below the course name there will be the option of "Assign Teacher"
    • Click on Assign teacher.

    • Select the teacher to be assigned


    • After selecting click on Assign Teacher,that teacher will be assigned to that course.


    • To save this changes do an admin sync by clicking on the blue sync button 
    • To reflect the changes on the Zaya ClassCloud do the data sync 

    If you are still facing any issues please email us at