What is admin sync and how to do it?

    Admin Sync is needed if you intend to do any of the following activities:

    • Add new students to the Classcloud.
    • See student results from a Classcloud which is on the field.
    • Assign courses to a particular class.
    • Create Classes.

    All of these activites happen online on the Cloud or at a central location in real time and you have to perform this activity online on home.zaya.in for your Device. 

    • This is important to save the precious data of your respective school.

    Quick Video:




    • You must be connected to the internet.

    You can also look at these steps to do the admin sync:


                  Click on the blue colour sync button and wait for the process to complete.(Approx time:1-2 minutes)

    • Once the process is completed the page will reload automatically.