What is data sync and how to do it?

    Data Sync is uploading all the offline content which is on the Classcloud to the online server. 


    • To push the data [ student progress or logistical information] from Classcloud to the online server or vice versa.
    • To see student data and usage information online on home.zaya.in
    • To backup student data, like test scores and practice information.



     You can also follow the below steps to perform the data sync:


    • Wait for few minutes till you see the message data Sync Completed as you see in the image below. 




    In case you do not have access to an internet connection, you can perform these steps instead:-



    • ○  Go to the http://class.zaya.in/start_sync/ page. This works offline so no need to connect internet.

    • ○  Click on Export Data button. (A zip file will get downloaded on that page itself.)

    • ○  Naming of the zip file is sync-<schoolname/gurunanak>-<timestamp/2018-02-05-0902>.zip

    • ○  Login to the school as an admin on http://home.zaya.in. You would have an admin username and password once you purchase a new Classcloud box for your school.

    • ○  Click on the ` ☰ ` menu on the right of the header.

    • ○  Click on `Import Sync Zip` Then on ‘Upload Sync Zip’

    • ○  Upload the correct .zip file

    • ○  Once the zip file is imported. It will show an `Import Success` message and redirect you to home.zaya.in to login again. This is needed as the users are now created/updated on the box.

    This ensures that all new users, classes, courses and student performance is recorded online.

    If you are facing any issues, please connect with our customer support team at info@zaya.in