What is content sync and how to do it?

    Content sync is performed to download the latest content (files) which gets added to the online server after curate. 


    Quick Video:




    • If Internet connection is available ,it will show the message "Connection OK".Now you can proceed to download the content files.




    • Click on "Sync Files",once you get the "Connection OK" message.
    • You will see a message "Calculating number of Files" here the number of files that are new / updated  are getting calculated and then gets downloaded to your Classcloud. this takes few minutes to calculate.


    • It will start downloading the files indicating the number of files to be downloaded.You will also see a green bar which displays the percentage of content downloaded.


    • Once it displays 100% ,the content sync is completed on your Classcloud.


    • If you came across any error like “Connection Error” due to connectivity drop from the internet just  refresh(reload) the page, as you are aware that content sync requires a constant internet connection .
    • The  sync may take time depending on the number files to be downloaded from the server.