I have great internet in the school and currently use Youtube videos. How will the Classscloud help me?

    Class Cloud makes personalized learning simple and affordable in the following ways :-  

    1. Saves money - In case of regular internet, every time a student accesses a YouTube video, data is consumed. For example, if you have 30 students in one class, then the same video downloaded 30 times will increase your data consumption 30 times. With Class Cloud, the video can be stored locally and accessed multiple times without incurring any extra internet costs.
    2. Personalization - Class Cloud lets you create personalized playlists for each student in your class. We believe in empowering educators to deliver a more personalized, student-focused learning experience in schools. In the case of YouTube, personalization at the student level is not possible.
    3. Security: The Class Cloud comes with an inbuilt firewall. Teachers can ensure that students only access the educational content.
    4. Analytics: The Class Cloud allows you to track individual and class-wise learning performance without you wasting time on grading papers. Teachers can then easily share student’s performance with the parents.