What is a ClassCloud?

    The Zaya ClassCloud (picture below) stores all of your content and student reports. It also creates local wifi in your center to allow the teachers and students to access the content and data. The ClassCloud needs to be synced with its online cloud to receive more content and backup its students reports. After sync, schools can also view reports online. 

    Classcloud Overview:

    • Equipped with intelligent analytics engine.
    • Helps stream media ( videos or audios synced/ already present on the Classcloud)
    • Built-in wireless design for the classroom.
    • Intel based Celeron processor.
    • Storage of 500 GB for local caching.
    • Seamless backup and integration with online Cloud storage and analytics.
    • Ability to Sync new content.
    • Integration of local content with ease.
    • Aids in seamless online/offline transition.      


    • Integrated with the Classcloud hardware.
    • Syncing data seamlessly from offline to online mode.
    • Easy to license the content.
    • Upload your own content and tag it for rich analytics.