How can I use schoolwifi in my computer lab or in my LAN(local area network) ?

    Refer to peripheral needed for computer needed (explained in FAQ) for what do you need. Your lab must have a setup where your computers are connected to either a router or a switch using lan cables . Connect schoolwifi and your router/switch using lan cable . Start the schoolwifi. You will need to know the ip address assigned to the box. Most of the normal setup should have an ip address which will look like 192.168.x.y where x and y can be. A typical ip address looks like this - . You can check the ip adress assigned to box via 2 ways You check on the admin page of your router under static ip allotments or dhcp client list You can connect to the wifi of the box using mobile/tablet/laptop. Then go to . Move to advanced tab. Check the ip written below LAN option. This ip address sometimes can change when you start the box .If you don’t want to find ip address every time , we suggest you set the static ip . Refer “how to set static ip” FAQ.