How can I add a question to an assessment

    Add a Question to an assessment

    • Login to the curator interface
    • Select the course then select relevant topic and the go to quiz section
    • Click the Add Question button
    • Specify the question title (Question text input box), upload sound clips, type of the question, difficulty, microstandard (in case of a post assessment for a lesson, microstandard of the question must be same as that of the lesson).
    • Choose from the list of blooms tags
    • In case the question has to be used for practice, Click Add Hint button and enter the hint
    • Once you are done, click the Save button.
    • The question will be added to the assessment.
    • Click Preview mode button in order to get preview of that question on student’s tabletScreen_Shot_2017-11-30_at_5.14.10_PM.png