Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can participate in this competition? 

    2nd-5th grade students in India who attend schools with monthly fees of up to Rs.2500.


    When is the competition? 

    The Competition begins at 12:00 am (midnight) IST on 20/02/17 and ends at 11:59 pm IST on 02/04/17.


    How can my child participate? 

    You need to download the English Duniya app ( on your Android device and make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app. Students who sign on to the app between 12:00 am (midnight) IST on 20/02/17 and ends at 11:59 pm IST on 02/04/17 will have a chance to accept the terms of the competition and begin right away. 


    How does my child win?

    During the competition, participating students can earn points by spending time on the practice nodes, scoring points through the weekly challenge quiz, and through other promotional offers on the English Duniya Android app.


    What can my child win?

    Weekly: The students with the most points in a given week will receive an e-gift card with a value up to Rs.300.

    Final:The top 25 students at the end of the Competition will participate in a video or in-person interview to determine the top 3 winners. First place is a Rs.30,000 scholarship. Second place is a Rs.20,000 scholarship. Third place is a Rs. 10,000 scholarship. 


    When does my child see the weekly challenge quiz?

    Students have to complete a minimum of 15 lessons on the app to unlock the weekly challenge quiz. Quizzes are released every Monday of the 6-week competition, but a minimum of 15 lessons must be completed in between challenges to unlock the next one.


    Can my child participate in this competition without Internet? 

    You can answer the questions without the Internet, but we will not receive any of your points on our server until you connect to the Internet.


    Can my child join the competition after it has already started? 

    Yes, absolutely! You can start all the way up to the 6th week. However, you will need to complete a minimum of 15 lessons to unlock each challenge you have missed. For example, if you join in week 3, you will have to complete 15 lessons to unlock the first challenge, another 15 lessons to unlock the second challenge, and another 15 to unlock the third challenge. The fourth challenge will be available on the Monday of week 4.


    When will I find out that my child has won? 

    Every week, we'll announce the weekly winners via app-notification, SMS, and/or social media.  The top 25 finalists will find out that they have made it to the finals via  app-notification, SMS, a phone call, and/or social media on or around 02/04/17.  After all interviews are conducted the top 3 winners will be notified and the scholarship will be distributed within one month of the notification.


    How often does my child have to play on the app? 

    Students need to complete at least 15 lessons per week to unlock each weekly challenge. We recommend that students spend about 15 minutes per day on the app to see the best results. The more time students spend on the app, the more points they will earn towards the scholarship. 


    What happens if my child has to stop the weekly challenge in the middle because of an Internet issue or because my phone stopped working?

    You can pick up where you left off in the event that you have to exit out of English Duniya. You will not get penalized for leaving the weekly challenge quiz at any point. However, once a question has been answered, you cannot go back and re-answer that question.